bringing it all back home

A music and mental health project for leeds


In the summer of 2018 Leeds Music Trust began a pilot project to give people in Leeds an opportunity to use music as a way of expressing themselves or as a way of self-reflecting upon their world and their feelings. We now have moved from pilot to funded and will be around for the next three years, we hope longer.

Bringing It All Back Home is designed for anyone who has an interest in music, either playing, singing or listening, and we want to help to improve people’s lives using music in whatever way is helpful to you. If you ask, we will try and make it happen.

The project is based at the LMT music centre in Old Chapel Studios in Holbeck, Leeds.

Have you something missing from your life?

Is music something which makes you feel better?

We believe music is about human expression, a method of communication, a way to interact and engage with others, it can help to improve mental health and promotes self-worth.

We are musicians, and this is about us helping you play, sing, listen, record or talk about music.

We work with people from 16 years and up, so if you think you could benefit, or could offer something, please get in touch

Old Chapel Studios is an amazing resource. We have instruments, hi-fi, rehearsal rooms, P.A systems, recording facilities and workers on hand to host a range of activities; playing an instrument, recording your songs or maybe even just spending time listening to your songs with others and talking about what makes music so important to you.